ParagonEX – Premium Features and Support

ParagonEX Today, the foreign exchange or FOREX market is considered as the world’s biggest financial niche by far. Based on the triennial survey of the Bank for International Settlements’ (BIS), the global FOREX turnover averaged a whopping $4.0 trillion every day. In an ever-growing economy that is globalized, the importance of the marketplace in foreign exchange to the average client cannot be undervalued.
Although there are a number of providers for the FOREX industry, not all of them can provide the best information about what is happening inside this niche. ParagonEx is the answer to this since what it offers is not only the best information but also the most advanced platform available on the web. Fully committed in pioneering for the next generation, it offers comprehensive solutions with added-value for operators of the FOREX industry sharing their invaluable experience and state-of-the-art cutting-edge technologies.

ParagonEx is able to deliver continuously the finest and up-to-date products for FOREX operators must be kept abreast on the latest demands of information technology developments.

After the founding and incorporation of ParagonEx, it has continuously targeted customer needs. Its customer-centered philosophy is anchored on the basic real-world objective insights that business must be provided with the latest innovative products and services that offers customer the potential; at the same time guarantee long term profitability. The FOREX market is facing changing demands as it is growing in leaps and bounds. It requires premium service and support that can be best provided by ParagonEx,

ParagonEx’s vision is to provide upgraded systems for offline brokerages and financial institutions going online so they could diversify their offering for an all-inclusive platform that are customized and scalable meeting all needs and at the same time seamlessly integrating with their existing systems. Flexibility and effectiveness in the integration is what traders can get from ParagonEx.

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