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GBP/USD Pair Increased Even if UK Rates Forecasted to Rise

  On Friday, the GBP/USD pair increased to an all-time high in 6 weeks as news of higher interest rates in Britain could happen earlier than expected. The Fed statement released recently that interest rates may be increased by December

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Oil Prices Increasing by 6%

The price of oil increased by 6% on Wednesday letting traders gain a bit of profit while the market scenario has changed with this increase. Brent oil is show to by down by 38 cents ending trading at 48.80. Crude

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Bank of Russia Regulates FOREX Brokers Activities

Bank of Russia released instructions through its official publication yesterday regulating activities of FOREX brokers. It included 11 standards (requirements) that the brokers must conform to. These standards were summarized and implementation will be supervised by a self-regulatory organization or

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