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Robust US Dollar Drives Gold Production in Australia

A market survey released on Sunday revealed the strong US currency is pushing Aussie gold production and protecting local traders from adverse consequences of a worldwide sell-off in gold bars. Production in Australia increased by four percent during Q2 to

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Venezuela Currency Updates

The Venezuelan Central Bank will circulate paper money in higher denominations in 2016 as unrestrained inflation reduced the value of a 100-bolivar bill to only 14 cents in the country’s black market. According to an unidentified senior official, the new

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PBOC Infuses 140 Billion Yuan into National Economy

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) infused 140 billion Yuan or roughly $21.8 billion into the country’s inter-bank money market in the effort to push lethargic economic growth and boost confidence of investors. The PBOC website provided information that this

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