Mike Tindall is Official UFX.com Spokesperson

mike tindallLast January, UFX.com, the award-winning online trading platform, proudly announced their partnership with Mike Tindall who is a Gloucester Rugby and former England Captain. Tindall in his experienced as professional successful athlete and coach at Gloucester make the best UFX.com spokesperson as the company is famous for its one-on-one coaching and personalized training.

Michael JamesTindall used to play out center for Bath Rugby & Gloucester Rugby captained the England team. He is wed to Zara Phillips, the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

As player for Gloucester and England, Mike Tindall, won 60 international caps and was a key member of the 2003 World Cup-winning team. Belonging to the rich and the famous, he bought an off-plan flat in Dubai a couple of years ago.

The retirement of Mike Tindall from professional rugby has been confirmed.

According to the 2003 World Cup winner of England, his decision to rest from the sport was to find better opportunities in broadcasting rather than devote time for Premiership rugby although he has closed kinship with the Whites and Cherry.

Another reason is his desire to spend more time at home as he and spouse, Zara Phillips are expecting birth of their first child. Trading online is the best option for a competitive sportsman like himself.

The line is that UFX.com is the leader in the reformation and transparency for trading bonus for it allows buyers to collect funds not considering its bonus status.

Forex trading and thousand dollar bonuses have always complimented each other as the rules requires traders to release the bonus. UFX.com as an online trading brokerage has set the example of how to offer rewards to loyal traders while maintaining the openness its client base deserves.

With humility, UFX.com has opted to give above and beyond benefits for its clients, fracturing the link between active funds, bonuses and profits; in preference to offer a pending bonus. In addition, its Paragon Ex trading platform that won awards now promotes a bonus section exclusively as a personalized Deposit Center that divulges the pending forthcoming bonus amount and termination date, as well as the trading volume required and remaining.

Hawkish BoE minutes needed by GBP/USD

The minutes of the BoE and the report of U.K.’s 2Q GDP might spark more buoyancy in GBP/USD as traders are weighing outlook for monetary policy.

Policy statement in BoE policy may steady the British currency after a number of central bank officials expressed their willingness to normalize sooner the monetary policy but will be keeping a greater dissent within the Monetary Policy Committee to observe a new yearly highs in the GBP/USD since the pair has retained its price-range action earlier last month.

The 2Q GDP print might compromise bullish outlook for the British Pound inasmuch as the economy expects to retain a 0.8% rate of growth in the second-quarter. It would need more significant private sector activity to achieve a bullish reaction affecting the sterling as the BoE continues to consider the margin of extra capacity in the U.K.

Investors need to see a series of positive fundamental developments to view a higher-low being none ahead of the 1.7000 handle; however, the GBP/USD may have to deal a bigger correction for the rest of the month if the risks of U.K. event  drag on interest rate expectations.

Initial Public Offerings in China Sees Gains due to Restricted Demands by Regulators

58th IPO

More than 50 Initial Public Offerings (IPO) making their initial appearance in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets of China have gone up this year by almost 44% which is the most allowed during the first trading day.

This 58th IPO was unveiled last Friday.

The amazing growth can be attributed to the country’s financial regulators who closed the IPO market for 14 months before reopening it at the beginning of 2014. Prior to the opening listing this January, regulators added the 44 percent limit on first-day gains and demanded that enterprises sell shares cheaply triggering the first-day explosion.

Constrained demand has transformed IPOs into hot commodities in China where the unpredictable stock market is filled predominantly with fast traders. The present approval-based IPO platform was always criticized for interfering with supply and demand in one of the biggest stock markets in the world. The application process for listing is relatively lengthy and consist of that can include numerous reviews and last for many years. In fact, some 637 companies remain in list awaiting approval.

The IPOs look more enticing since other profit-earning techniques in China have fallen recently. Property prices are going down, money-market funds are decreasing and the benchmark Shanghai index posted an annual loss going to Friday.

Trade Forecast: EUR/GBP

Just before the trading floor closed last Friday, the currency pair EUR/GBP traded within 0.7904 to 0.7934 and finally closed at the 0.7916 mark.

This was a daily gain of 0.07 percent but a weekly loss of 0.45 percent. In Germany, the Annualized Producer Price Index rose to -0.7 percent last month from -0.8 percent in May, based on median forecast by market experts. The index is a mirror of change in prices for commodities, sold by manufacturers during said period.

The PPI is different from the Consumer Price Index. CPI determines price change from the point of view of consumers considering taxes, subsidies and distribution expenditures of different manufacturers in the country. If producers are obliged to pay extra for merchandise and services, they will probably pass higher costs to consumers. Hence, the PPI is still deemed as the primary gauge for consumer inflation. Once the Producer Price Index improved more than forecasted, this will surely have an upbeat effect on the euro currency.

US Dollar Projection against South African Currency

The US Dollar is expected to pick up in the world currency markets within the next few months, according to Merrill Lynch (Bank of America).

Impetus for the US currency’s recovery is the higher break in earnings from bonds following a consolidation period. The US note traded at 10.7065 against the South African Rand. On the other hand, the Euro to US dollar transaction rate is forecasted at 1.3524.

Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch evaluated the charts and announced that US five-year treasury yields are envisioned to breakout positively while the dollar is expected to follow. Since the start of this year, dollar rates and nearly all foreign exchange currency markets have been set apart by irregular trading conditions and persistent drop in instability. Trade analysts believe these conditions will bring about a more directional situation and increased volatility. For the past 10 months, five-year yields showed a well-defined contracting range as unsteadiness went down.

If the forecast of rising bond yields happens, the US dollar is expected to go up as well because money pours into the country taking advantage of growing yield values. The South African Rand and the Euro will decline against the US currency from a so-called technical standpoint.

In the meantime, emerging currencies fell after minutes from the latest US Fed meeting implied that policymakers will maintain the speed of withdrawal for monetary stimulus. Protest actions in the Ukraine and Thailand also affected reactions towards emerging markets along with the unsatisfactory manufacturing data from China.

Markets Stabilize Following Mounting Geo Political Tensions

forex tradingDue to mounting geopolitical tensions, investors are avoiding to risk their assets. Traditional moves of currency as Yen, gold and dollar were the main topic of yesterday’s session and once more questions were asked about the stability of equity market strength with the present lingering situation.

Morning brought tentative signals that initial reaction of yesterday to the situation in Ukraine may have been overstress with the reversing gains of Yen so USDJPY which had deescalated to101.00 level that is a bit higher trading at 101.35. Gold has started regaining its ground and trading at 1312 as of today. Investors focus their attention not only to Ukraine, but towards the Middle East where geopolitical turmoil is rising and also mounting and affecting investor sentiment.

Today, only Canadian inflation and the sentiment of Michigan Consumer Sentiment could move the markets. Since its March highs, the Loonie stayed as main beneficiaries of the weakness of dollar in 2014 with USDCAD plunging to 4.5%.

EUR/GBP – Analysis and Recommendations

The EUR/GBP dropped 11 following UK labor data that gave a better forecast. The pound escalated to trade at 0.7903 versus the euro. The coming German economic data brought bad news for the euro. Survey of institutional investors and analysts dropped to 27.1 points, short of the estimate of 28.9 points. The measurement has been dropping consistently since last November, when it reached over the level of 60-points. Since last November 2012, the figure in July appears to be the weakest. ZEW Eurozone Economic Sentiment dove to 48.1 points from 58.4 a month earlier.

Sterling plunged following British wage data falling short of forecasts, not providing more proof of a pickup demanding pressure on prices after a leap in last month’s month. The strength of the economic recovery of Britain and Bank of England’s chance of raising interest are main topics of debate. Also ongoing debate about rates prior to the end of the year has moved on from issue of employment to the topic around inflation and wage growth.

NSO released Tuesday showed that consumer prices rose by an annual rate of 1.9% in June, just below the bank’s target of 2%. Inflation escalated from May’s 1.5%, at its highest level since January.

Gold , Silver, Copper and Platinum Movements

Bullish gold is being tested in Asian trading with the commodity rising to a break point of 1,330. At this juncture, the slight movement is considered a buying opportunity with the trend up remaining in force. The expected target of gold in 2014 is 1.392 high near 1,392.

In relation to its bigger brother gold, silver retreats in Asian trading that offers new entries for long positions. However, some precautions are needed given the fact that the Rate of Change indicator signals is diminishing in its upside momentum as the precious metal. There is an additional break below the escalating trendline that suggests a possible change in sentiment.

Copper as the base metal is at a crossroads that consolidates between its escalating trendline on everyday and key opposition at 3.29. A break in the uptrend force offers new long opportunities with a 3.36 target.

Sellers are ready to cover gains for platinum at a mark of 1,518 that provides new entries to be better served on its collapse or withdraw to 1,489. Closing daily below support would invalidate a bullish bias and a drop to the former range-bottom at 1,424.