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IMF Shows Increase in Gold Holdings of Russia

IMFData provided by the International Monetary Fund pointed out that Russia augmented gold holdings.
Russia had 38.8 million ounces in December which is the most in 20 years.

Central banks all over the world are putting more gold to reserves after trimming holdings for nearly two decades as they aim to expand assets. International purchases are expected to be from 400 to 500 tons in 2014, according to the World Gold Council. Gold increased for the first time after four months as sluggish economic growth contributed to haven demand.

Gold for immediate settlement, which increased 1.5 percent last month, traded at $1,292.55 per one ounce in New York, based on generic pricing. The precious metal went up 9.1 percent at the start of this year as the increase in commodity costs raised speculations that the US Central Bank may postpone the increase of interest rates.

Moscow has more than tripled holdings going back to 2005 while making use of international reserves to protect the Russian currency which decreased by close to 50 percent last year. Likewise, S&P reduced the rating of Russia to junk because of recent economic developments.

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Gold and Silver Prices Fall

The price of gold dropped 100 RS to 28,300 RS foe every 10 grams at the gold bars market in the midst of weak overseas trends and the slowdown in purchases by jewelers at current levels.

Silver also declined 635 RS to 39,400 RS per kilogram due to lack of purchasing support from coin makers and industrial users.

According to precious metal traders, there are many factors that led to this decrease in prices. These include relaxed demand from jewelers as well as the wobbly global trends mainly in the euro region.

Singapore gold, which generally sets trends in prices for the domestic markets, plunged 0.7 percent to $1, 2772.44 per ounce. This is the lowest since the third week of January. Silver also fell 0.4 percent to $17.85 per ounce.
Likewise, the funds shift towards equity markets affected sentiments to some degree.

Spot gold fell 0.6 percent at $1,284.11 per ounce and traded within the $13 range. It touched a high of $1,306.20 during the previous week before it moved back following the announcement made by the ECB regarding liquidity measures.

Gold futures in the US remained at $5.80 ($1,285.90 per ounce).

Gold may not decrease in the short-term as interest among Chinese buyers is expected to increase with the Lunar New Year celebration in February.

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London FOREX Trading Rises

UK FOREXFOREX trading in London increased by 11 percent from May to October of 2014 to an unparalleled $2.67 trillion daily based on the six-month survey made by the Bank of England. London is considered the primary currency exchange hub worldwide.

The spot FOREX turnover went up 40 percent to $1.1 trillion daily.

Meanwhile, UK’s pound sterling slipped but stock markets in the country climbed higher right after gross domestic product figures for the last quarter came in slightly weaker than the expectations of investors.

With yearly growth of 2.7 percent from October to December of 2014, the UK’s has surpassed its colleagues in the euro area. However, the somewhat weaker projection may be the basis for the Bank of England to postpone interest rate increase for 2016.

The sterling went down to its lowest for the day at $1.5065. It was down against a strong euro also by 0.8 percent.

Meanwhile FTSE 100 trimmed down losses to trade below 0.2 percent lower at 6838.08 points.

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What is Happening to Gold Commodity

At this time, speculators are sitting tightly as for the following two day FOMC gold is hovering between gaining and losing trade at 1281.30 with its decision tomorrow. Traders have no expectation for any change of interest rate or policy; however, they are hoping for a change in their statement. Gold declined ahead of two days Fed meeting that operates held through Wednesday. Meantime, the finance ministers of Europe agreed to cooperate with the new PM of Greece Alexis Tsipras, to retain the country within the Eurozone.

At present level, the demands of jewelry traders have loosened ahead and are a feeble global trend of the US Fed Reserve meet. Pressure on precious metals is kept as Greece remains in the Eurozone.

Central bank’s gold purchases, as well as its convergence into the world’s number one exchange-traded fund for gold, were unable to provide assistance to the yellow metal. For the first time in 16 years, Netherlands increased its holdings of gold this December; whereas Russia lengthened its binge buying of gold for nine straight months as it was shown by data from the IMF last Tuesday.

SPDR Gold Trust holding which is considered as top gold ETF escalated from 0.24% to 743.44 tonnes on Monday. In the world markets, gold buying has slackened due to its higher prices, hubs easing premiums in major trading.

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EU on Greek Debt Bailout

Greece and EURO ZoneThe Greek leftist government appears to be headed towards disagreement as the former vowed to fulfill promises of overturning years of cuts in public-spending regardless of warnings from Germany and other Euro nations that this can plunge the region into crisis.

The EU is respecting the choice of the Greek people but it has no plans of loosening bailout terms for the country.

Many Greeks blame this for the considerable depression of national economy.

According to European economic leaders, this step will only encourage other bailout beneficiaries which include Portugal and Ireland to ask for similar compromise. It can further wear down the EU’s credibility.

They also fear that the Syriza party’s victory can boost other populist movements in different parts of Europe.
Syriza is committed to adopt a strong anti-austerity line of attack and form an alliance with Independent Greeks which is a minor right-wing party. The coalition partners oppose euro region policies that call for fiscal stringency and sacrifice to obtain financing.

Greece does not have enough time to settle the deadlock because the bailout program worth €240 billion concludes by the end of next month.

Greece is asked to put in place additional reforms demanded by the European Commission, the European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund to qualify for the last €7.2 billion installment and pay the ECB in terms of bond redemption.

Dispute over Greece concentrates on whether it deserves more flexibility than it has been given in the past. Creditors brought down interest rates for their loans below market rates while interest charges for numerous loans were put off until 2022.

The interest burden is equivalent to roughly four percent of its economic output last year.

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Last week was probably one of the worst for the euro and the green bucks after plunging nearly a total of 400 pips on the massive decision of QE. The tandem seems restless as it awaits the result of the Greek elections and bracing number of inflation among coming happening. The question is that this: Will it get to the bottom and cease falling after 6 weeks of continue sliding? Here is an insight of the pair for the week.

A gigantic €60 billion per month of QE program was delivered by Dragni that is expected to last until September of 2016; an overall total of €1 trillion. The amount was beyond expectations that partly came from leaks. The program could probably be extended until the termination if the expected inflation will not come up in a viable manner. As purchasing will be done mostly by the national central banks; the relative bid for the euro will be kept for a short while. There is a probability that it will decline to a new low of 1.1113, or nearly 0.90 on USD/EUR. Aside from this, the economic sentiment of German ZEW was beyond expectations while the manufacturing of PMI missed. Data for U.S. was once again disappointing although growth continues.

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usd/jpyThe US dollar was lower versus the Japanese yen as US equities fortified demand for the Asian currency.

USD and JPY pair was behind 0.61 percent to 117.78 during late trading.

US stocks declined due to flexible corporate earnings that led to concerns over possible consequences of the stronger US exchange note.

Meanwhile, the EUR and JPY pair reached lows of 130.95 before returning to 132.00. The currency pair closed with losses of 2.91 percent.

The Bank of Japan did not implement easing measures despite reducing inflation projections for 2015 which boosted expectations for additional stimulus.

Meanwhile, it is expected that market investors will scrutinize figures on 4th quarter growth in the US.

The Japanese Central Bank will circulate the minutes of the bank’s most recent policy meeting which include essential outlook on economic conditions coming from the bank’s point of view.

Japan is expected to divulge data regarding trade balance as well.

On the other hand, the US will circulate data about long-lasting goods orders and reports from the private sector on consumer buoyancy as well as new real property sales.

The Federal Reserve will reportedly disclose benchmark interest rates and the corresponding statement that delineates economic conditions and factors shaping decisions about monetary guidelines.

The US will most likely finish the week with statistics on the last quarter growth and consumer outlook.

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BOE Governor Cautions on QE

Mark Carney, Bank of England Governor says that relaxed fiscal policy can lead to unwarranted risk-taking in monetary markets.

He added continuous monetary incentives for six years can be reasonable for economic reasons. However, there is disadvantage if it burns markets.

During the World Economic Forum panel meet yesterday at Davos (Switzerland), Carney emphasized that risks abound in an atmosphere of minimal interest rates as well as QE for a particular duration.

Policy makers need to stay away from imprudent risks.

Central banks usually implement the lowest rates along with asset purchases to move economies away from slump and pave the way for resurgence.

MSCI World Index has increased by nearly 50 percent since 2010 while bond yields decreased worldwide.

Carney believes that policy makers must aim for financial permanence. On the other hand, investors must understand central banks will not save markets. They should be vigilant regarding false impression of liquidity.

Meanwhile, Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda asserted that the taking on of quantitative easing by the European Central Bank may be helpful than expectations of some market investors.
Distrust of QE could be over-stated, Kuroda added.

Carney is optimistic in a guarded manner regarding the global outlook citing the economic revitalization of the United States. Yet, there is a discrepancy in the Fed’s course towards monetary policy and expectations of world markets.

Kuroda is determined to work for the needed structural reforms promptly in Japan.

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