Asian Stocks Drop while Aussie Bonds Rise

Asian stocks plunged earlier than data on profits of Chinese industrial firms.

Meanwhile, bonds from Australia and New Zealand led gains in US Treasuries after declining rates in the Euro Zone spurred demand for greater yields. Gold also went up.

The Asia Pacific Index decreased 0.2 percent in Tokyo and waned again this week as the TOPIX Index of Japan diminished 0.6 percent. Also, futures of Standard & Poor’s 500 hardly moved after US measures gauge was unable to stretch gains higher than the 2,000 level. Earnings from 10 year bonds in Australia and New Zealand slumped three basis points as Treasury rates were limited to a 15-month low. Gold and silver went up for the third consecutive day while wheat futures moved back 0.4 percent.

Bond income from Europe (Germany to Spain) touched record lows in the middle of speculations that the ECB is set to heighten stimulus. Germany is expected to give details on inflation today while the US will inform markets regarding economic growth.

TOPIX also collapsed this week while Nikkei 225 Stock Average plunged 0.6 percent as the Japanese currency advanced 0.2 percent against the US dollar. The Yen was up 0.1 percent to 103.76 per dollar after gains yesterday cracked a week of decline. It was the longest decline for August.

The European inflation report is due tomorrow. The next schedule of review of interest rates by policy makers is on September 4.

Gold Value Decreased

gold pricesGold went down yesterday due to the U.S. release of good consumer confidence figures but it stayed in a key level to watch. Watch for key levels to the drawback, while am alteration play would set the testing price of 1287.1$ and bringing it later to1282.7$ if it needs further correction.

The 1282.7$ support for Gold is about to be retested. Presently, the price is overdone given the random picture of the generator but with the support zone of 1282.7 – 1280.8 and the newly bullish impetus seen in area making it stronger to require from the zone support to grasp and possibly be the beginning point for a higher ascent. In case of an escalation, the first objective will be found at 1287.1$ while the next one in case of upheld move will be seen at 1292.3$. If the in case the rallying scenario would not be assured by the market, the two key supports will be 1280.8$ and 1278.5$ and lower than these levels would bring on a strong bearish move to the cluster support zone of 1260$. Today, the neutral stance is maintained with a slightly bullish tone.

US Dollar Gains In FX Trading

The US dollar is making headway in foreign exchange trading as traders and investors were watching happenings around the globe closely.

Risk aversion has been a key part of financial market events and activities. This denotes that traders in the currency market are after a lot of stability. The US currency is regarded as the most established worldwide notwithstanding the challenges in the marketplace and other factors.

Some currencies are also making good like the Chinese Yuan but it is not expected to become the dominant global form of exchange. The Euro is not reliable since EU countries like France is experiencing economic problems of immense proportions. Even the Japanese Yen has declined against the US dollar right now.

The US note continues to advance notwithstanding the tentative economic and budgetary situation in the country. However, things are likely to change so the safe haven category is meant to help the dollar improve more.

Based on the latest market figures, the Euro to US Dollar is lower at 1.3509, down a little from the opening at 1.3515. Meanwhile GBP/USD is also lower, falling to 1.5651 from the start at 1.5793. The USD is higher against the Japanese Yen at 76.9640, up from 76.8820.

Gold Trading Affected by Political Events

GOLDGold traded under $1,300 an ounce even as speculators were evaluating the burgeoning US economy and currency as well as indications that global conflicts will finally subside.

Bullion for high priority delivery traded at $1,282.61 per ounce in Singapore from $1,281.20 yesterday when prices went up by 1.1 percent before closing at 0.3 percent. Last August 21, it plunged to $1,273.14. This was the lowest point dating back to June 18 based on expectations that the Fed will boost borrowing costs ahead of predictions.

The dollar soared which is the highest in nearly one year against the euro in anticipation of rate increases in 2015.

Standard & Poor’s index went up as data revealed that inflation in Germany froze following the declaration that consumer confidence in the US climbed up to an exceptional high of seven years.

Gold in December fell 0.1 percent to $1,283.50 an ounce in the New York market.

Gold recovered this year and displayed 6.8 percent as the conflicts in the Ukraine and Middle East stimulated demand.